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Terrasync software is a powerful field software designed for fast and efficient data collection and maintenance  You can create a data dictionary based on the enterprise GIS so that features, attributes, and acceptable attribute values match the GIS data structure.

Using a data dictionary improves efficiency and ease of use in the field, with time-savers like pre-defined pick lists and automatic generation of date and time values. And, to make your field session effortless, the TerraSync software puts smart features—like map-centric operation, graphical status display, and the ability to record a position offset if you can’t get right to the feature—at your fingertips.

The TerraSync software integrates seamlessly with a range of Trimble GPS receivers to give you the high quality data you need. You can differentially correct your data back in the office, use real-time differential GPS, or both—the choice is yours. For extra precision, collect H-StarTM data with a GPS Pathfinder ProXRT receiver, a GPS Pathfinder ProXHTM receiver, or a GeoXHTM handheld. Completely integrated
with existing data collection workflows, H-Star technology makes high accuracy data collection faster and easier than ever before. In the field TerraSync will show an estimate for post processing and real-time accuracy.  With Accuracy Based Logging Setting, you can preset your accuracy requirements.  Features not meeting the latter will be rejected.  No other GPS software has this feature.

The latest version features Accuracy-Based Logging that allows you to prevent GPS positions that do not meet your accuracy requirements from being logged.

Differential correct is almost automatic with the DGP Wizard.  Internet listed base stations are shown by distance and quality index  You pick your base station(s) and differential correct rolls out with a predicted accuracy displaid for the file corrected.

Special applications software includes: WetCollect for wetlands delineatios meeting the US Army Corps of Engineers wetlands manual requirements. Municipal Reporter for to provide management of infrastructure and services.  Request complete information.


Price range from $1,300 to $300 GSA pricing is available.  Just fill out the request form below and a detailed quotation is yours. (Price link for educators)

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