GPS Trimble Reference Station
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Trimble Base Station

A Trimble base station software is included in Educator Two-Packs. The generates base station data is for mapping and GIS applications.  Achieve 20 meter accuracy with your ProXRH system and submeter accuracy with your GeoXT.  Base data can be accessed directly from a hard disk, via a dialup BBS, or over the Internet.  Base system includes software, GPS receiver, antenna, 30 meter receiver to antenna cable, and a power supply connector.   The educator supplies the computer. Installation is done by fixing the antenna on a roof location with a clear view of the sky.  The antenna position is surveyed as an accurate reference for differential correction.  Two base station receivers are offered:  Single frequency L-1 and dual frequency L-1/L-2.  Educator prices are available.

For pricing and product information, call toll-free  877-535-4454

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