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Trimble GPS Systems with Educator Discounts

Trimble Navigation offers price discounted GPS, and Educator Two-Packs.  Educator Two-Packs include two copies of the most important Trimble Software.  There is no cost to you by working with us, since orders goes directly to Trimble at their prices.  You receive excellent support since we are a Certified Trimble Trainer with 16 years GPS experience, and an ESRI Business Partner.  

Trimble offers 10 and 20-Unit Classroom Kits combining Juno SB and software. GIS software Two-Pack and Ten-Pack for educators, 20 and 100 copies software site licenses backed by software maintenance extensions.


       GeoExplorer GeoXH GeoXT 6000 Series 

      Trimble has just announced the availability of the GeoExplorer 6000 series           

      high-accuracy handheld. The 220 channel unit has an integrated GPS and GLONASS 

      capable receiver and antenna. The 6000 brings together the functionality  for 

      decimeter accuracy in real-time, high quality photo capture, an integrated Web  

      connectivity with an optional built-in 3.5G modem. The unit introduces Trimble's  

      Floodlight satellite shadow reduction technolgy for reliable performance under trees  

      and in urban canyons in the toughest GNSS environments. The large 4.2* display is 

      sunlight-optimized for outdoor operations. Text is crisp and easy to read. Background 

      maps and photos are rich and vibrant. 


        GeoExplorer GeoXH GeoXT GeoXM 3000 Series 

GeoExplorer CE series features a unique combination of GPS and CE operating systems.  The GeoXH is accurate to 30 cm or 10 cm with a Zephyr antenna.  The GeoXT is submeter with EVEREST multipath rejection technology.  The Geo XM is a 1-3 meter version.  All versions have integrated SBAS (WAAS) DGPS for free real-time data collection, and high resolution color touch screens.

        ProXH/XT/XRT GPS System

The ProXH/XT/XRT are high accuracy 50 cm to 10 cm GPS systems. The companion Ranger and Recon data collectors have TerraSync CE firmware background map, and data maintenance. The ProXRT combines H-Star technology, OmniSTAR support, and with an option of GLOSNASS support with 10 cm accuracy possible

        LTI Lasers for Offsets.

If you ever had trouble collecting data at a hard to reach location or under tree canopy, the amazing compact Laser Technology's TruPulse lasers are the answer.  LTI has managed to place in a handsize unit both distance and azimuth measurement technology with Bluetooth connection to the offset form in Trimble's TerraSync™ or ESRI's ArcPad software.  The price is well below any competitive lasers.

       Trimble Software

Trimble's TerraSync™ software is a flexible GIS data collection and data
maintenance tool that runs on a Ranger, Recon or a Windows CE device.  PFOffice and GPSAnalyst are processing software for differential correction and other key functions. Office and Analyst are PC-Based.  GPS Analyst serves as an extension on ESRI's ArcGIS software.  Trimble has just introduced Municipal Reporter Field Software and WetCollect software for specialized applications.

        Trimble Recon 

An ultra-rugged handheld datalogger for all-day field operations.  Small and lightweight for the new mobile GIS/GPS technology.  Recon also comes in XB and XC System versions, adding low cost GPS.  The XC is a CompactFlash card-based receiver placed in the Recon card slot.  The XB is a lightweight with Bluetooth wireless technology GPS Pathfinder receiver. The Recon exceeds military specifications for drop, vibration, immersion, and operating temperatures.

        Trimble Juno ST A Low Cost GPS Solution 

Juno is priced to equip and entire workforce.  Small enough to fit in a shirt pocket but provides the heavy-hitting power of a full-integrated GPS solution. Comes with Trimble's Standard TerraSync software at no additional cost. 2-5 meter accuracy.  A special priced 20-unit Juno classroom kit with Pathfinder Office and other software included is available.

      Trimble Nomad

Offers all-in-one convenience in a rugged light-weight device. Can serve as a data collector with or without a numeric keypad, or with a variety of add-on options: integrated GPS, integrated digital camera, or a laser barcode scanner.  Can survive submersion in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

        Trimble Ranger 

The rugged and reliable Trimble® Ranger™ handheld datalogger is an ideal choice for mobile workers. With built-in wireless connectivity that gives you access to enterprise data on-the-go, you'll have the information you need to do the job right first time. And the improved productivity of a full alphanumeric keyboard will save your company time and money.

        GeoBeacon Receiver 

The Trimble GeoBeacon receiver track broadcasts from DGPS radio beacons, decodes the corrections, and sends them on to a GPS receivers: GeoExplorer series  and Pathfinder ProXH and ProXT series.  There are over 70 beacon radio station in the United States, most are placed on coast lines or large bodies of water, some are inland. Accuracy as specified for real-time corrections.

         GPScorrect Software

Trimble's GPScorrect software is a flexible GIS data collection and data
maintenance tool that runs on a user-supplied Pocket PC or Windows
CE device connected to a ProXR/XRS GPS system or GPS Pathfinder Pocket.


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