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The Trimble® GeoBeacon™ receiver adds the precision of real-time differential GPS to your GIS data collection projects. With its built-in Bluetooth® radio, the GeoBeacon receiver communicates cable-free to Trimble's range of rugged GPS receivers and handhelds to provide reliable, high quality real-time corrections. The GeoBeacon receiver's advanced design integrates the beacon receiver, antenna, and power supply in a lightweight, compact package.

The accuracy of differential GPS not only ensures high quality data for your GIS, it also makes locating assets in the field quicker and more accurate. With a GeoBeacon receiver you can navigate directly to the feature, so you'll save time and have confidence that you're inspecting the right asset. Back in the office data processing is streamlined too. Since the data you collected was corrected in real time, you can transfer it directly into your GIS without the need for any further processing.

With a convenient belt mount, the GeoBeacon receiver gives you a totally wearable solution that won't get in your way while you work. And the GeoBeacon receiver has a powerful battery built right in to the housing, so you can work all day in the field. Simply plug in your receiver to re-charge overnight and you're ready to go again the next day. No matter where your work takes you, the ultra-rugged, waterproof GeoBeacon receiver won't let you down.

With the GeoBeacon receiver, you'll save time and money. Correct GPS positions in real time as you work; relocate assets more quickly; and transfer field data directly into your GIS without postprocessing-it all adds up to increased productivity. With the GeoBeacon receiver's reliable real-time corrections, you can be confident that you're getting high quality GPS data for your GIS.

The GeoBeacon receiver—the convenient and reliable real-time solution for all your GIS data collection projects.

Key features:

bulletHigh quality real-time beacon corrections for best GPS position accuracy
bulletBluetooth wireless technology for cable-free communications
bulletRugged and waterproof for all conditions
bulletLightweight and wearable with an integrated receiver, antenna, and battery
bulletAdvanced anti-jamming design for best performance in difficult environments

Price: $1,200 - $2,000

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