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GPScorrect Software for ArcPad 

Trimble's GPScorrect is an integrated GPS solution as an extension for ArcPad  users.  GPScorrect allows differential correction of Shapefiles, and seamless control of any Trimble GPS Pathfinder receiver or GeoExplorer CE series handheld with ArcPad.  The seamless control of your Trimble GPS receiver is almost automatic and solves problems in trying to do the ArcPad to GPS integration yourself.  GPS correct uses Trimble's new SuperCorrect technology, providing more flexibility when post processing, and better results from data collection in difficult GPS environments. 

GPS Correct Data Processing Options

Post-processing differential correction using GPScorrect for ArcPad extension is available in two options:, 

Submit Shapefiles directly to the GPS Pathfinder Express service - the service will automatically correct the GPS data and merge the new position information into your Shapefiles.  Use GPS Pathfinder Office Software - apply the new utility ShapeCorrect to merge the corrected GPS data into Shapefiles

Purchase ArcPad 

We represent ESRI and can sell you ArcPad 6.0 and show you how to integrate it with Trimble GPS. See our ESRI ArcView site.

GPScorrect Price

Price is under $500.  Just fill out the request form below and a detailed quotation is yours. (Price link for non-educators)

If you want a price quotation or product information, please call toll-free


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